The Organic Cuisine Label 90-100% organic 60-90% organic 30-60% organic Økologisk Landsforening Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark - Danish Veterinary and Food Administration Site på Dansk

What is the Organic Cuisine Label?

The Organic Cuisine Label is a state guaranteed label indicating that a kitchen is serious about organics. The label is free and offers a differentiated indication of the total percentage of organic raw ingredients and beverages used in preparing the entire menu.

Five steps towards The Organic Cuisine Label


Organic Excel-sheet, application and control

The app "Organic eateries in Denmark"

- a guide for tourists and Danes

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and VisitDenmark has developed the app "Organic eateries in Denmark", which is accessible on Danish, English and German. The app is free and can be downloaded here:
Google Play

organic eateries


The Balcony, Odense

The Balcony have in a mere 3-months period achieved an organic silver certification (60-90%). Watch the film, where The Balcony share their experiences and explains why The Organic Cuisine Label is right for them.



The hotel chain Comwell has 16 hotels all over Denmark. The Organic Cuisine Label is part of a larger sustainable profile and a tool to comply with the demands and needs of future customers.

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