Design your own marketing materials

Design your own personalised materials for free. You can design posters, postcards or check folders.

Use the form to choose what kind of material you want to design and download a printable pdf file format.


  1. Choose size/material. The check folder is in a A5 format that folds into a A6 format allowing for the check to be placed inside.

  2. Upload a picture of your own choosing. The file must be a JPG file, in high resolution.

  3. Indicate which of the three organic cuisine labels you are certified with.

  4. Choose if you want the text to use my/ours?

  5. Choose the predetermined text most suited for you.

  6. Write a short text for the back (only postcards). This could be your address or slogan.

  7. Click the ‘Download printable file’ button

We recommend that you employ a print professional who can assist you in printing in the desired format and quality. 

NB! – It goes without saying that in order to use the ‘design your own material form’ your kitchen must be certified by The Organic Cuisine Label. If you use organic products, but have not yet applied for The Organic Cuisine Label, you can contact us or simply start your application by using the link in the lower right corner.

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