Rules and regulations

Keep track of your organic percentage

After submitting your organic accounting-sheet to The Food Administration, some find it beneficial to keep an empty accounting-sheet, to make it easy to fill out new and relevant information upon receiving invoices/inventory lists.

You can also request monthly inventory lists from your wholesaler or supplier.  


Documenting the organic percentage

As part of the application process it is essential that you indicate how often you onwards will calculate your organic percentage. As a minimum it is compulsory to calculate your organic percentage every three months.

Remember to save all relevant documentation in form of invoices or inventory lists as well as the organic accounting-sheets - electronic or physical documents - for a minimum of two years.     



The Food Administration carries out inspection of The Organic Cuisine Label once a year, coinciding with the standard hygiene and compliance inspection.

At the time of inspection it is required that you or another staff member present, can document the following:

  • The organic accounting-sheet, with the calculated organic percentage or the monthly inventory lists from your wholesaler or supplier.
  • Relevant documentation of the information in your accounting-sheet (electronic or physical)
  • The relevant documentation includes all inventory lists and documents supplied by wholesalers/shops indicating weight or value of all purchased raw materials and products. Both organic and conventional purchases must be documented.


The Food Administrations list of food companies covered by organic inspection

When approved for the Organic Cuisine Label, you are required to refer to the administrations list of food companies covered by organic inspection once a year, to ensure that your wholesaler or supplier still adhere to the organic inspections. 

Remember save the page or pages, where your wholesaler or supplier is listed as part of your documentation.

Conveniently, you can press CTRL (in the lower left corner of your keyboard) and the letter F simultaneously to search the lengthy list for your supplier.  


Nonconformities in your organic percentage

You can use The Organic Cuisine Label, providing that the share of organic raw materials does not deviate negatively within the interval you are calculating.  


Negative deviations

If the percentage of organic raw materials deviates negatively from the label specification, you are required to report the deviation to The Food Administration and immediately discontinue the use of The Organic Cuisine Label.

In some cases it would be possible to apply for a new certification with a lower organic percentage interval.

If you discontinue the use of The Organic Cuisine Label, and at a later date desire to resume usage, you must submit a new application.


Positive deviations

If you are able to document a higher than currently certified organic percentage (for a minimum of three continuous months) you can apply for a certification with a higher organic percentage interval.

The application process is exactly the same as when you applied for the original certification.